Thanks to our menu, you can feel like anywhere in the world. Our experienced chef creates dishes from Europe, America and the Far East. We put great emphasis on the freshness of the food served and take advantage of seasonal foods and products from our "neighbours" - Šumava's farmers.


0,3 l Strong beef broth with vegetables and fried noodles
45 Kč
0,3 l French onion soup with cheese croutons  45 Kč
0,3 l Cabbage soup with  sausage  50 Kč


100 g Alpine bresaola with salad of rucola, pine nuts, pickled tomatoes, balsamic reduction and parmesan shavings (A7,8)

139 Kč
100 g

Houmous mash - chickpea mash flavoured with lemon, garlic, spices and tahina sesame mixture served with freshly made pita bred and green olives; Israeli cuisine (A1,11)

119 Kč
130 g

Vietnamese Nem-Ran Rolls: paper-dough rolls filled with vegetables, minced beef and rice noodles; sweet chilli sauce

129 Kč
100 g

Gravlax with lettuce in cucumber bag with dill dressing and dark pastry

159 Kč


200 g

Ragweed ragout with mushrooms in red wine sauce, served in bread 

219 Kč
150 g

Stewed beef cheeks in wine with potato and parsley mash, a traditional French recipe

209 Kč
200 g

Feijoada Brasileira
Brazilian national dish, which is based on cooked black beans and two kinds of stews (beef, pork) with sausage and vegetables, served with rice

229 Kč


200 g

Tandoori chicken with mango salad, fruit curry sauce and wild rice

229 Kč
200 g

Pork tenderloin with cherry sauce, potato mash with onion and coriander

239 Kč
150 g

Fried Wiener schnitzel with Bavarian potato salad (A1,3,7,12)

239 Kč
1 pc

New Zealand lamb knee roasted on garlic and rosemary with tomatoes, spinach and mashed potatoes

289 Kč
200 g

Moroccan chicken stuffed with honey almonds with vegetable couscous and saffron sauce

209 Kč
200 g

Indian kebab of lamb and beef on the needle with Bengal apple chutney and cucumber raita, served with freshly baked Naan bread

229 Kč
200 g

Grilled duck breast yakisoba with rice noodles 

249 Kč
225 g  Beef burger with bacon, crispy lettuce, tomato and onion, served with steak fries and mustard dip  239 Kč
150 g  Danish Andeburger: burger of burnt duck meat with red cabbage, dried cranberries, oranges and blue cheese dressing, served with steak fries 199 Kč 
150 g Mexican fajitas with tortilla, sour cream and salsa 209 Kč
200 g Deer rump steak marinated in garlic and rosemary, zucchini-mushroom ragout with potato cake (A1,7) 239 Kč


150 g

/ Zander fillet in sesame crust with glazed carrot, peas purée and lemon sauce

249 Kč
200 g

Salmon with grilled vegetables and butter sauce, potato-celery puree

229 Kč


1 pc Portobello burger - veggie burger with portobello mushroom and goat cheese; served with steak fries and chilli dip 189 Kč
150 g

Pad Thai - fried rice noodles with tofu, vegetables, egg and shiitake mushrooms

139 Kč


200 g Mádr Tapas: salmon gravlax; Nem-Ran roll; grilled duck breast; home-made herb cheese; Bengali apple chutney, toast 259 Kč


150 g

Chèvre chaud salad
French salad of mixed leaves and croutons baked with goat cheese

149 Kč
200 g

Caesar salad with chicken and Parmesan shavings

129 Kč


100 g Brownies
Traditional Irish chocolate dessert served with vanilla ice cream 
69 Kč
80 g Vanilla Crème Brûlée  59 Kč
1 pc Homemade cheesecake with strawberry sauce and mint coulis  69 Kč
100 g Cuckoo's nest
Chef's speciality 
89 Kč
70 g Mádr Tapas: salmon gravlax; Nem-Ran roll; grilled duck breast; home-made herb cheese; Bengali apple chutney, toast 119 Kč


200 g Stir-fried potatoes 40 Kč
160 g Rice 40 Kč
160 g French fries 40 Kč


Main groups of allergens:

1/ cereals containing gluten
2/ shellfish and products made of it
3/ eggs and products made of them
4/ fish and products made of it
5/ peanuts and products made of them
6/ soya beans and products made of them
7/ milk and products made of it
8/ dry fruits: almonds, hazel nuts, walnuts, cashew nuts, pecan nuts, Brazil nuts, pistachio, macadam and products made of them
9/ celery and products made of it
10/ mustard and products made of it
11/ sesame seeds and products made of it
12/ sulphur dioxide and sulphites in concentrations above 10 mg/kg
13/ lupin and products made of it
14/ molluscs and products made of it


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